Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals for Tom Kepler Bicycling

Let's keep this simple. Achieving four goals in 2013 will ensure that this blog has been successful in its first year.

Goal 1: Local Biking Opportunities
  • What interesting places are there to bicycle in and around Fairfield, Iowa? 
  • What biking does southeast Iowa have to offer in Jefferson County and the counties that surround it? 
  • This blog should record routes, images, and videos that everyone can access.
  • A specific goal is to create a series of videos of the Jefferson County Trails, posted at YouTube, so that there is online information about the trails and the pleasures of riding them.
Goal 2: Travelogues and Journals
  • Where have you toured around Fairfield, Iowa, and what was it like?
  • Where by bike have my wife and I toured on day trips and overnight camping trips?
  • Indulging my journalistic penchant will increase the motivation for my wife and I to get on the road (and trails) with our bikes and enjoy the day or the weekend.
  • Blog posts, including YouTube videos, will record routes and experiences.
Goal 3: A Variety of Biking Experiences
  •  What are others doing on bicycles in the Fairfield area?
  • This blog should provide the opportunity for other riders and families to record their experiences with articles, photos, and videos. Making contact with those people is important.
  • Long day rides (like "centuries," 100-mile rides), single-track riding (with mountain bikes), group rides, and fund-raisers are already part of Fairfield's bicycling experience. Why not write about them and let others know what is happening?
  • This goal should also include the experience of different age groups.
Goal 4: Equipment, Gear, and Accessories
  • What kind of bikes are people riding, and what kinds of stuff are they taking with them?
  • Reviews of books, camping gear, bicycles, and bike-specific accessories are great to have available. 
  • It will be good for others to know what's available both locally (at A.J.'s Bike Shop in Fairfield), in other local southeast Iowa towns, and online.
  • Links can also be established for resources beyond this blog.
These are the four 2013 goals for Tom Kepler Bicycling: highlight biking in the Fairfield, Iowa, region; create written and visual records of local bike touring, including day tours and longer tours; share the diversity of bike experience in Fairfield by other riders; and to introduce and review equipment that might be useful.

 It's January 1st . . . a long way to spring. Maybe I should have added a 5th goal--more patience!

Copyright 2013 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved

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