Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Bicycle Touring Is Changing--For Many, Less is More
Even though I am currently away from home and my bicycles because of family business, I am at least reading and enjoying what others are doing.

I looked to buy a used bike to ride here at my hometown, a Trek that needed a lot of work--I knew at least the frame was OK--but the price was too high. I'm still without a bicycle and am reconciling myself to walking for exercise. I like walking but also like traveling further distances in a shorter time--more to see.

An article from the blog The Path Less Pedaled discusses five ways bicycle touring is changing. Here they are short and quick:
  1. shorter trips (such as overnight)
  2. multi-modal adventures (for instance, Amtrak + bike touring)
  3. family friendly touring with the kids
  4. tourism industry recognition--country roads = bicycling heaven
  5. off-road and gravel touring--"exploring new, unpaved territory"
If these ideas seem interesting, check out the original article: 5 Ways Bicycle Travel and Touring Are Changing.

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