Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Local Bike Shop Adds Juice Bar, Spa, and Yoga Classes

"Around the country, bike shops are shifting gears. The National Bicycle Dealers Association 2013 survey of 4,000 establishments found that 12% have coffee bars, 11% offer spinning classes and almost 5% serve beer. About 1% offer massages, yoga or full-service restaurants."

This is the new trend or profile of the local bike shop, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The market researcher who profiled this new twist to bike shops predicts a five-fold increase of such diversification by 2018.

This diversification is an attempt by some bike shop owners to accomplish two things:
  1. create alternative streams of revenue
  2. attract new customers
These goals certainly have value, yet I hope that this trend toward having the local bike shop be a combination shopping site, mechanic's shop, watering hole, and health spa is a cultural change that recognizes that bicycling is our future--a green, healthy, and economical means of transportation.

So I vote a big YES for my local bike shop to add a table outside and a juice bar inside, copies of Adventure Cyclist magazine available for reading, and good company to be found.

One last cautionary word from one of these new age bike shops: "Of course, there's always a concern about keeping grease out of the refreshments."

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