Friday, June 12, 2015

Overnighter Bike Camping (S240): Lake Darling

It never works out quite as expected, but that's part of the adventure!

Lake Darling is about 15 miles from Fairfield, most of it on the hilly Pleasant Plain Road. The traffic was light and respectful, but the headwind wasn't. I arrived at 5 o'clock to Lake Darling State Park that has just received a multi-year makeover. My tent campsite was nice with a view of the lake and not too far from the restrooms and showers.

I had fun cooking my noodles with my Emberlit wood-burning stove, adding the noodles to my stew that I had brought in a Thermos. It's a pretty great little stove that focuses the heat of twigs that I collect from nearby.

The unexpected was when Bob from Arkansas showed up on his Long-Haul Trucker. He's traveled over 50,000 miles on bike trips and had gone104 miles the day I met him. We had a good talk and I picked up a few tips.

The night was pleasant in the park, and the sound of owls put me to sleep.

The trip home began as an easy morning with no wind, but the wind picked up about halfway home so I dug in for another headwind. I am finding that on overnighters, I have less energy the second day. I guess that's because I haven't built up my conditioning yet since it's still early in the bike season. Bob heads out every day, and that builds up his stamina.
I got home, though, and have good memories of Lake Darling. I had remembered that the tent sites were out in the sun but were actually tucked in among trees. Very nice.

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