Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Riding the Gravel

I've found that my overnighters to local county parks invariably end with at least two miles of gravel road. These little nooks of tree-filled parks among the corn and bean fields aren't on main highways as are most of the state parks.

Low profile and low budget = off the beaten track = Midwest gravel roads.

Here is a light article about gravel roads and bikes: "Trendy Gravel Grinding is Good for Biking."
So the latest hipster-trendy wave to wash over the bicycling world is this thing the bearded guys are calling "gravel grinding."
Basically, it's biking on a gravel road. I grew up on a gravel road, so I've always called this kind of bicycling "going for a ride."

I've also posted several overnight rides in SE Iowa that include a gravel road segment:
YouTube "SE Iowa Overnighters"

There are also great limestone trails that surround Fairfield, Iowa. I ride these a lot:
YouTube "Jefferson Co. Loop Trail"

Here's an example:

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