Thursday, February 4, 2016

Emberlit Titanium Wood-burning Camp Stove Review

Folded Stove + Dryer Fluff & Fire Starter
 I bought the Emberlit camp stove after reading a bicycle touring journal of a guy who used a similar stove while riding across Siberia. I was inspired.

Using it about ten times over the summer, I found it works well. There are always twigs at a campsite, so fuel is not a problem. If rain or winds were predicted, I might bring my Trangia alcohol stove instead, or maybe both since they are both so light. Since the stove is Titanium, it cools quickly for packing. It folds flat and is very light.

The firebox is small, so be prepared with your wood, and keep an eye on the fire. Several times I had to re-start the fire. I don't consider this a weakness of the stove but rather a matter of campcraft.

Having this along with my Trangia would give me two burners, which could be useful for heating a soup/stew and noodles, for instance.