Monday, June 13, 2016

Amtrak with a Bike Again

I had planned a three-day bike trip in southeast Iowa, and then my brother asked me to come out to California to visit--now. Mom needed some company, a change. 

That was on a Tuesday when I had planned to start my trip on a Wednesday. I unpacked my bike-camping duds and boarded the Zephyr on Thursday. And, of course, I brought along my Montague Navigator. I'm sitting curbside now, waiting for the Amtrak Thruways bus to arrive. What better time for a bicycling blog post?

I spent eight days with my mother and brother, and managed dayrides for three of them, usually a couple of hours long. My first ride was to town for food for my vegetarian self--about twelve miles, the length of all my rides, as a matter of fact. 

For my second ride I just rode to town again, and when I found out a high school friend I was going to drop in on was golfing, I rode over, using Google gps, to locate my uncle's new home. That included a little hill climbing, which was fun (because, I suppose, of the little and because it was still morning-cool.) 

My third early-morning ride took me to the Saturday Farmers' Market to buy a few veggies for my last couple days' visit. I added some ripe strawberries and blackberries to my bags! 

Having my bicycle made my trip more healthy and enjoyable. I'm glad that Amtrak, in conjunction with the Adventure Cycling Association, is creating a more open and accessible program for bicycle travel. It helps me keep on rollin'!

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