Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Bike Mirror That Fits the Jones Loop Bar

After changing my touring handlebars from straight mountain bike to Jones Loop Bar, I found the mirror I’d been using didn’t work. The straight bars were perpendicular to the bicycle’s body, and the Jones Bar ends at a 45-degree angle.

Searching for an alternative mirror, I first tried a couple of mirrors I already had, one that attached with a clamp to the handlebar, and another that fit inside the bar end (as does the Hafny). The first vibrated too much, interfered with bar bags and such, and did not project enough to the side to provide good visibility. The second adjusted for a good angle but was too cheap and provided a distorted view and excessive vibration; in addition, it kept getting out of adjustment.

Researching mirrors online, I came across the Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror. Its reflective surface is somewhat smaller than my cheap-o bar end mirror, but the stability of the mirror and the quality of the stainless steel reflective surface provide a good image. Also, the Hafny is versatile and allows me to adjust to exactly the perspective I need.

I’m pleased to find a mirror that is the perfect fit for my Jones Bar handlebars. I can’t use a helmet mirror, and I don’t want a mirror that provides a distorted view and is difficult to keep adjusted. It should also be added here that the mirror comes with a one-year warranty, and after my online purchase, the company sent me an email affirming that. I ride mostly in Iowa, and last year eleven bicyclists died here. I do what I can to make my rides safe. The Hafny mirror looks like a winner!


  1. I was researching mirrors and wanted to know more about the Hafney Bar End Bike Mirror that I found on Amazon. My Google search led me to your page and I was pleased to find a nice write-up from a fellow Southeast Iowan! Thanks for the info.

    - Kevin from Fort Madison

    1. Thanks, Kevin. The mirror works really well. I just took a four-day ride from Fairfield to Oakland Mills to Geode to Lacey-Keosauqua, then back home. Used the mirror a lot.

  2. Hi. Just a quick thank you for this review. I am also the proud owner of some Jones loop bars but have been searching for a compatible mirror. I've placed my order!

    Cheers from the Great White North,
    Juan, Victoria, BC