Monday, August 27, 2018

Day Ride, Commuting, and Infrequent Posts

Indian Lake, May 2018
Okay, I've been looking at my last three post dates: three to five months between each post. Wowie-zowie! The good news is that I have been riding my bicycle, one overnighter and lots of day rides (dawn rides) with my wife--and commuting.

Staying closer to home and interacting more with my family has been the modus operandi here at home . . . and that's a good thing. I think I'll start reading more journals at the Crazy Guy on a Bike community rather than the years-long world tours. Life is just as real close to home. In fact, maybe that's why people travel; life can be too real close to home!

I'm also see different possibilities of close-to-home day rides now that my wife and I have bought a little camping trailer. It's also a mobile office, and while she works, I can have a day ride. This allows her to work yet be out camping, it allow us to spend time together (and ride and hike some), and it also allows me to take a couple of hours for a ride. One example is for us to camp at Indian Lake, about forty miles away, and then I can ride in Shimek State Forest, which is a couple of miles from the campground.

Lake Darling, August 2018
At any rate, my posts will probably be for shorter rides and longer times with my family--not a bad combo, for sure!