Jefferson County Trails

Come explore the Fairfield Loop Trail. Sixteen-miles long, it circles Fairfield.

With a variety of terrain and topographies, with prairies, woodlands, lakes, wetlands, and connections to many city and county parks, it is an experience unlike most trails.

In fact, we think of it as a long, narrow linear park, with a variety of adventures to see and do along the way. Or a green belt that lets you commune with nature.

The entire Fairfield-area trail system (about 30 miles) includes old railroad corridors, five artistically-enhanced bridges, paved and unpaved trails, walking-only trails, a state preserve, and 8 miles in Jefferson County Park.
 It's wonderful to have a trail system to ride that surrounds my town of Fairfield, Iowa. Perfect exercise for me is to get up and ride the trails, taking along lunch so that my wife and I can take our time and enjoy the day. Below are some images of one day when we did this.

from Jefferson County Trails, courtesy of Liz Howard
Copyright 2012-2012 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved

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